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Worlds Top 10 Utility Companies

A utility company provides power to help households or businesses meet their basic needs. The companies mentioned here are the top 10 companies who are some of the biggest providers of electricity and natural gas in the world.

Duke energy

One of the largest electric power company which regulates and serves 7.4 million customers. This company generates its power from coal, natural gases which fetches it approximately $52 billion in market capitalization.


It is a multinational company which works on electricity generation, distribution and renewable energy. As of 2017, the company has a revenue of over $65 billion and is still growing. An advice from a Utility Saving Expert can also help you guide in the process of saving energy.

National grid

The national grid is a multinational electricity company which produces electricity and gas. It is one the only gas transmission infrastructure in the UK and as of 2018 has a market capitalization of more than $37 billion.


Nextera is an investment company who also has an interest in power generation, transmission and distribution which helps the company makes a revenue of 16.6billions. As of 2018, the company has a total market capitalization of $76 billion.


EDF provides power generation transmission and energy supply trading, which involves aspects of the electricity industry. This company owns three of the most famous nuclear power plants and has an annual revenue of $69.63 and has a current market capitalization on $33 billion.


One of the most famous multinational company which also works in the power and gas market where it has over 64 million users. Enel operates on hydroelectric, thermoelectric, nuclear, geothermal and other renewable sources which have annual revenue of $74.64 and market capitalization of $49.12 billion.

Dominion resources

Dominion resources are one of the largest producers of transporters energy in the US. It is one of the nations largest natural gas storage systems with annual revenue of $13 billion and $42.93 on market capitalization.


Iberdrola is a multinational electric utility company which has around 31000 employees and more than 32 million customers. This company earns an annual revenue of $31 billion and $42 billion market capitalization.

Southern company

Southern Company is a company that sells electricity in wholesale rates. It serves 9 million customers and carries 32000 employees. The operating revenue for the company is $23.78 and as of 2018, the market capitalization of the company is $45.28 billion.


Exelon is one of the largest US power generators which produces nuclear, wind, solar and hydroelectric generators which gives the company a revenue of $34.48 billion and a market capitalization of $40.38 billion

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