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How Something as Small as a Doorbell Can Impact the Design of Your Home

The design of a house is the bedrock or the master-plan of how the house will turn out when finished. It is at the design phase where every small detail is reviewed in detail. The design of a house could be influenced by major things such as the topography, building materials, project scope and the like. On the other hand even minor details might also influence the design plan of a home.

The truth is that housing designs are not what they used to be 20 years ago and there are multiple things which influence this trend. In the designing of houses in the modern world, something as small as a doorbell can impact the design of your home. Most wireless doorbells look ugly and don’t fit with a well designed interior. We found this guide to modern doorbells and chimes on idisrupted, most of them are easy on the eye without sacrificing the convenience and functionality a good wireless doorbell setup brings to your home. This is to say that before you finally come up with a master plan of your dream home, you should also consider how fixtures such as doorbells will be fixed in your home. The following are some of the ways in which a doorbell can influence the design of your home.

1. Modern Doorbells have many uses

A typical modern doorbell is not what it used to be some years ago. You find doorbells which not only alert you when you have someone at the door but they can do other functions as well. For example some doorbells come with alarm systems, surveillance cameras and other such things. In this case, you not only have to worry about fixing the doorbell but also how other fixtures such as alarms will fit into the house design.

2. Sophisticated Doorbells

A doorbell has evolved from a simple “ding-dong” bells fixed on the front door area to complex but more efficient systems. The outer mechanism of the doorbells that you normally see might be still the same but the inner workings of modern doorbells have changed. For example, a high end doorbell is wireless which makes it more convenient to use. Since you have a wireless doorbell you might not need to factor in provisions for doorbell wiring when designing your home.

3. Improved Home Security

Security systems have over the years improved and since the doorbell can be termed as part of a home’s security system, it also has to be in accordance with your home’s security plan. A doorbell which is integrated with a camera can record the all activities at the front door area eliminating the need for a security camera at the front. This might eliminate the need for surveillance cameras at the front and the design variations that would have been needed.

These are just some of ways how something as small as a doorbell can impact the design of your home. This shows how it is important to go over every small detail when coming up with your home design plan. Errors which are made in the design phase will consume time and money in rectifying later building has began. Home builders should always consider such factors when designing new homes.

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