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Tips for Smoking meat with an electric smoker

Smoking meat is a relatively old term that has been around the cooking industry for ages now. Adding a smokey flavor to a rich and juicy meat can be one of the best things you have tasted all year. However, every cooking technique comes with a manual, and so does smoking meat.

Smoked meat can only be enjoyed when it’s cooked or grilled to perfection, around the right temperatures, with all the spices penetrated inside the meat. Although wood and charcoal are the most traditional types of smokers, electric ones are taking over the market in recent years.

An electric smoker is defined as an outdoor smoker that makes use of heat and electricity as a source for cooking the meat. When they’re compared to the traditional smokers, these are easy to handle ad operate, providing a variety of designs, and are also made out of different types of materials. Most of the time, electric smokers like these are made of cast iron surfacing or stainless steel construction.

The preparation of food using these smokers follows specific procedures, techniques, and tips. Follow our guide till the end to know the essential information about smoking meat on electric smokers.

Seasoning the grill


Before using an electric smoker for the first time, it is essential to season the grill, to burn off the residue on the steel housing which may have accumulated during the process of manufacturing. Cover the device with an aluminum foil and run a heat of 275F through it for approximately three hours. During the final hour, sprinkle some seasoning which will produce a cloud of smoke, and you’re good to go.

Cooking at the right temperatures

Every meet cooks the best at their own temperature and temperature ranges. Hence, it is imperative to conduct your research on the same. For instance, brisket, pork butt, shoulders and ribs produce the best tender surface at temperatures around 225F, after a multi-hour smoking session.

The importance of cooking space

This is one of the most underrated rules of smoking meat. Cooking space plays an essential role in smoking meat to perfection. A tall and vertical electric smoker occupies double or triple of the area of cooking when compared to the traditional wood or charcoal counterparts. A wider electric smoker which comprises dual door designs occupies the most space but is also the best in the market to impart the apt grill and sear on the meat, without having to cut them into pieces.


Not all electric smokers have the option of automatic burning woods. Hence, you need to understand the science behind the presence of hardwoods and the way they can be used inside an electric smoker.

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