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Tips for finding a good dishwasher for your studio apartment


Every time a studio apartment owner wants to redecorate, he/she gets in despair how to overcome the space issue without making a disaster. It’s challenging to think in terms of small, especially when you want a place that can truly feel like home.


Luckily, manufacturers heard your pain and came up with small utensils in order to make your living a little bit more comfortable. In today’s article you will read about best tips for finding a good, affordable and small dishwasher for your apartment.

Why do you need a dishwasher anyway


First of all, no one has the time to do dishes anymore. With our crazy schedules, we don’t get enough time for many things. If you were a fan of hand washing dishes, we are sad to inform you but you have to find a replacement.


Any dishwasher that is smaller than 24 inches wide is a perfect choice for studio apartment owners. There are many features you need to consider before buying one, and some of them include:


Built in or countertop – both are a great choice for a small apartment, but the main difference is the design. Built in dishwashers are more complicated to maintain, because they have limited access to their components. On the flip side, they are a nice and modern feature in your kitchen because of their design (they are not one-colored boring dishwashers you can see in some old photos). Furthermore, built in dishwashers can be fully covered and blend in with other kitchen elements or semi-covered. Countertop dishwashers are top choice for those who like their appliances to be seen. Unfortunately, these are so small you can’t place anything on top of them.


Quietness – if your kitchen is a hub spot of your home, you might be looking for a dishwasher that is super quiet. Why? First of all, if you’re throwing a party or celebration at your place, you don’t want your dishwasher to outloud a music player. Secondly, it’s not the best option for those who are light sleepers either. Thirdly, if you have a newborn in the house, noisy dishwasher can wake him up every minute, making your life miserable because you won’t be able to put him to sleep again.


A water saver – an economical dishwasher is every housewife’s dream. With smart water consumption comes smaller bills and less power consumption. Make sure you check whether a dishwasher has water saving option installed.


Stainless steel arms – dishwashers with arms made of stainless steel are more durable than the others. Stainless steel guarantees that the bottom of your dishwasher won’t get rusty in a year – after all you’re buying a dishwasher to last.


Upgraded features – having the latest piece of technology comes with considerable benefits. In case of dishwashers, you get to choose between options like delayed start, child-safety lock or anti-flooding.


Having a great dishwasher for studio apartment can mean a lot for a busy woman, but there’s one major deal breaker – most of the small dishwashers are spending too much electricity and too much water. Since it’s your only option (because of the structure of your apartment), we recommend to use your dishwasher only when it’s full. That way, you will use it rationally and avoid unnecessary expenses.

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