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The Top Marketing Strategies to Get Your Home Sold in 2018

Do you have mortgage payments that you can no longer afford and you need a fast home selling strategy right now? In today’s bad economy, one in thirteen homeowners is facing foreclosures due to personal financial difficulties brought on by unemployment and rising living expenses. House values are dropping as well and you may actually be paying more than your house is now worth. You may have reached the place where you must choose between selling your home and defaulting on it or selling your home before it drops further in value. But, you wonder how the best marketing strategy to sell your home in today’s sluggish real estate market?

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Be Bold and Sell Your Home Yourself:

Most people who sell homes quick, go beyond the traditional means to succeed. In the past, if you needed to sell your home, you just found a real estate agent or broker, signed a contract and waited for them sell the house. As you know, this can take months or even years while they advertise, handle their other accounts, attempt to ‘stage’ your house for showing and bring through streams of potential buyers to see your house (or NOT!). Plus, if they eventually do sell your home, they receive a chunk of the sale price as a percentage payment for their services. In 2018, you need to use the right marketing strategy to sell your home fast plus keep the total sale price, right?

Here are Top Marketing Strategies to Get Your Home Sold in 2018:

Sell Your House on eBay – It costs $150 a day to list your home on eBay, but the bites you will get from fishing in this large pond can land the big fish of a serious buyer…even across the country. You never know who may be moving to your area and who is in the market for a home like yours.

List your house on nontraditional networks – Online outlets such as homes.com, zillow.com, craigslist.com, yahoo.com, and trulia.com receive the most traffic from any online sites. Remember, two out of three prospective home buyers begin their property search online.

Rent a billboard in your local community – Yes, that’s right…advertise for everyone to see! This strategy may sound a bit whacky, but remember…be bold. Passivity must not be an ingredient in your marketing strategy to sell your home. Your objection to this suggestion may be the cost, but actually, billboards aren’t as expensive as you think. Many times the phone number to call for info is on the billboard itself. Also, you can even go to your local print shop and have matching magnetic signs that say “Buy My House”. Attach them to your vehicles and just see how many people call or walk up to talk to you about your home sale. In other words, blitz your community!miami seo

Offer buyer incentives – Offer to pay closing costs, prepay taxes, a year of maid service or a year of pool cleaning. Even offer the buyer a weekend in Paris for purchasing your home! Sometimes it takes drastic measures in drastic times to sell a house. These incentives can save you big bucks in the long run.

Or, Choose a Proven, Step by Step Action Plan to Help You

If the various fast home selling strategies in 2018 suggested above seem too difficult to implement or if you’re just not sure where to start, you may need a proven plan of action already laid out for you to follow, according to one Miami SEO firm. You can either choose a reputable estate agent to help you or choose one of several do-it-yourself systems that can take you by the hand and show you step by step how to systematically market and sell your house before your next month’s mortgage payment is due. If you need a fast home selling plan that will guide you in selling your home and that will bring you a top dollar of the fair market value, be sure to check out several online real estate sources that offer reputable service to homeowners.

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