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The Best Air Conditioner In 2018

Air conditioners are the best solutions for people especially living in a hot weather climate. When looking for an ideal air conditioner, you need to consider several factors such as functionality, the value of money, reliability, ease of use and quietness. If you are planning to air condition your house or your office search for Ducted air conditioning in Brisbane to get better ideas. This guide features the best air conditioners that can satisfy your cooling needs in 2018.


https://www.amazon.com /dp/B06XH1T138

This’s one of the best air conditioners that can cool your room to an average area of about 340 sq. feet making it ideal for very humid climates. It has the following features:

  • It has an EER (energy efficiency ratio) of 12.1, which is above most other products which are very costly compared to this product.
  • It comes with an LG-SmartthinQ app Wi-Fi controller which is both compatible with Android and iOS.
  • Has a maximum airflow of 220 cubic ft. /minute making it the most efficient ACs on the market.
  • It cools your room and powers off at an interval of three minutes – it, therefore, doesn’t cool an already cooled room.
  • It has the ability to remove about 2 pints of moisture per every hour.



This’s one of the best portable ACs on the market which comes with an air flow rate of 200 cubic ft. /minute. Additionally, it balances the mean performance with its powerful energy efficiency.

  • It can cool a room of any size of up to 550 sq. feet with removing about 3 pints of moisture per every hour.
  • Comes with three cooling and fan speeds and a twenty-four hour on/off of a timer. It also includes an auto cooling function and a mode of sleep for cooling flexibility.
  • It comes with an EER (energy efficiency ratio) of 11 making it one of the perfect portable conditioners around.
  • Also comes with an enabled Wi-Fi smart app for mobile operations.



The Amana ACs are regarded as the best air conditioners for the overall central conditioning units.

  • The product features an EER of about 24.5 for high efficiency. This can lower your energy bills in a great deal.
  • Comes with caster wheels which enables easy movement within the room.
  • It can cool a room of any size up to 400 sq. feet removing about 6 pints of moisture per every hour.
  • It includes onboard controls with 3 speeds and also a remote control with a big LCD-display.
  • Includes a lifetime warranty covering all parts including the internals.



This product is considered as the best tower fan air conditioner on the market. Although more expensive, it comes with more elegant and most innovative designs compared to other products of its category.

  • Has an incredible air flow rate of about 1271 cubic ft. /minute. Generally, this is the highest compared to other towers ACs on the market.
  • Comes with the best speed controls that make adjustments easy and fast. The flow of air is very smooth when using this conditioner and feels natural of your body.
  • It’s quieter although not very silent compared to other conditioners in its category. The noise rating is up to 64 dB.



This’s well known as the best ceiling fan/air conditioner around. It works perfectly in rooms with dimensions of 125 x 250 sq. ft.

  • It comes with the maximum air flow rate of about 5110 cubic ft. /minute.
  • It’s made with a more elegant and modern design compared to many other conditioners on the market.
  • Has three-speed settings that make air control more fun and soothing to your skin.
  • Contains a lifetime warranty.

In conclusion, purchasing one of the above air conditioners can save you a great deal of time and effort needed to search online and various markets on the best products. In addition, if you want the best air conditioner, choose the one that’s more efficient, durable, and one that can serve a large room.

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