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There are few myths about how to decorate that will make your home appear boring, blah, discombobulated, and uninviting. These myths have sprung from poorly edited do-it-yourself design shows, badly written design books, and simple misconceptions handed down through the generations.Dispelling some of these myths may help you create a more beautiful, dynamic interior for you and your family.

Here are the 10 worst interior design trends of the decade

1. Vessel Sinks (Raised Bowl Sinks) – A very stylish sink usually associated with luxury. They come in many styles and colors and are usually found in bathrooms that have a luxurious feel. However, because of their height, they tend to be inconvenient and uncomfortable, especially for children. Can be high maintenance if you are a person who splashes water often when using the sink. This is a design trend with hidden flaws. Great for guest bathrooms and vanity rooms but not so practical for high trafficked bathrooms.ugly_ass_room

2. White Carpet – A flawed interior design trend for obvious reasons. White carpet needs lots of care and maintenance. White carpet can pick up stains from shoes that seem to be free of dirt. The stains are not so easy to clean either. Not a good idea in a home where there are kids or pets. This is a design trend that will continue to sell homes. If you decide to purchase white carpet, be prepared to treat it as if you are walking on egg shells.  These design tips taken directly from Sarah Williams blog post about design tips for Liberty Hill Texas Real Estate, and can be read about in further detail in her blog post about tips for selling your house quickly.

3. High Inaccessible Spot Lights – These high spot lights are usually found in living room and kitchen areas with high ceilings. They have a beautiful look but they
are very difficult to change when they burn out. You will either need to purchase a very large A-frame ladder or a long pole with a small suction cup at the end of it. Either way, you risk injury or breaking a light bulb every time one needs changing. A beautiful design overall but only when the lights are working. Poor_lighting

4. High Inaccessible Interior Windows – Homes that have high foyer and living room ceilings usually have these windows. They have an excellent “wow” factor. People are drawn to large, high windows. However, they are very difficult to clean and they need to be done by professionals or by getting on a ladder and risking injury. The ledges also collect dust and are also difficult to clean. Nice look but hard to maintain.

5. High Inaccessible Ceiling Fans – Just like the spot lights, the high ceiling fans in the home are excellent decorative pieces. A nice looking ceiling fan adds plenty to a home. However, they are difficult to clean as they collect lots of dust. They are also hard to maintain if they have light bulbs that need changing. You need the large A-frame ladder or a suction-cup-on-a-stick to keep your ceiling fan well-maintained

6. Decorative Glass Wall Plates – This is an interior design trend that also sells homes. Many people use decorative wall plates in their kitchen, hallways and living room areas. They come in many decorative styles and they give homes an upscale feel. However, they are made of glass and if they happen to fall off the wall, there is a good chance they will break. Wall plates can be as cheap as $10 and as expensive as $300 each. It is very easy for a glass plate to fall of the wall. All it takes is an accident in a home with lots of traffic or a vibration from a heavy storm. It is not a good idea to keep a glass plate on any wall, especially if it is expensive or rare.

7. Narrow Spiral Staircases – Many people add this to their home because it supposedly makes a statement. A decorative spiral staircase represents class and elegance. However, it is very uncomfortable to walk up and down a narrow spiral staircase. It is also a big inconvenience if you need to carry items up or down with you. It is also very unsafe for small children as they can put their legs in between the space in the steps. A wonderful design that can raise your property value but comes with inconveniences and safety issues.

8. Flat Glass Electric Stoves – These stoves have a very sleek look and they add to the overall style of any kitchen. They are also easier to clean. However, you need to use special cookware suggested by the
manufacturer on these kind of stoves. Using the wrong cookware can scratch and even break the glass. They are also more difficult to repair. For example, if a gas stove burner goes out, all you need to do is relight the burner. If your flat glass range element burns out, you need to replace the element which is a lot more difficult and time consuming than relighting a burner. So these types of stoves are good for looks but bad for aggressive cooks.

9. Stainless Steel Counter tops – These counter tops are very expensive and very durable. They make a kitchen stand out especially if the kitchen has matching stainless steel ovens and refrigerator doors. However, a major downside to stainless steel countertops is scratching. After the scratching can come rust stains. You can prevent scratching by using cutting boards and non abrasive cleaning products. However, the reality is that it is still a kitchen and in a heavily used kitchen, scratching will occur, no matter how hard you try to prevent it.

10. Expensive Decorative Floor Vents – There seems to be no need for this interior design trend. Floor vents are placed in the home for heat because heat rises and cool air stays low. However, they usually have to be around the edge of the home because they are holes in the ground and they can be an eyesore. They can also cause accidents and injuries if placed out in the open.

These are just a few of the more common decorating myths spread throughout society. Once you realize one or more of these myths are what’s making your room look boring or uninviting, you can set it to rights. Don’t be afraid to paint with bold colors, or try new textures, or set aside a few accessories. It’s the only way to break through the myth and into the land of good design.

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