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Interesting facts about coupons

Coupons, which originated in the early 20th century, are marketing devices that are conventionally issued by CPG producers as a way of providing consumers with a discount on a variety of products. Do you still think that coupons are outdated? They are still thriving and have gone beyond Sunday circulars. There is no need of the scissor anymore. You can have a printout, carry over a code to any online shopping cart, or show the cashier your Smartphone screen shot to obtain credit because there are a lot of amazing and reliable sites like Come2orderdc that is offering coupons for various stores.   An undeniable fact is that coupon usage is increasing faster than ever: it continues to drive record sales for businesses and large savings for clients. The following are some interesting facts about coupons.

1.Where did the name come from?

The word coupon has its origin from the French word couper, which literally means “piece cut off”. It became an official English word in 1882. The word’s history makes perfect sense given that coupons were initially recognized as discount vouchers that were cut from magazines and newspapers.

2.Coca-Cola created the first coupon

A year after its establishment in 1887, Coca-Cola became the first corporation to offer coupons. John Pemberton (a simple pharmacist at the time), offered free drink cards to jump start the promotion of the product. It involved advertising the product in popular magazines by providing consumers vouchers for free Coca-Cola drinks. The move paid off and the product rapidly became a household name. After observing the achievement of Coca-Cola coupons, several companies followed suit.

3.Couponing can save you a lot of money per annum

U.S. coupon market statistics reveal that about 4.5 billion coupons were redeemed in 2016, with a minimum price-cut of $1.64.This represents some substantial savings for consumers. An interesting fact is that the majority of these coupons were redeemed for food related products. Although couponing is considered a mundane task, turning it into a habit will save you lots of dollars. Many people underestimate the value coupons, but they are basically free money. According to a 2016 market study, couponing may save you up to ten thousand dollars each year. The following are quick arbitrary facts:

The redemption value of coupons in 2014 was 23 billion.

Coupon usage is ever increasing: researchers project it to increase by 150% in 2019.

The vast majority of redeemed coupons are physical (newspaper cuts). But the trend is changing: there is an upsurge in internet coupon redemption.

Collectively, coupons enabled consumers to save 3.6 billion in 2014.

For military personnel, expired coupons are still valid up to six months past their expiry date.

The standard face value of digital coupons improved by 21 % in 2016.Orlando, Florida was the most penny-wise U.S. city in 2015. Its residents clipped a total of 12 million coupons in 2015, which resulted in savings estimated at 17 million.

4.Who uses coupons?

There is a mistaken view of coupon users. It turns out that a large segment of the contemporary world uses coupons:

Millennials are some of the main coupon users.

Residents of northeast US are 70% more likely to use coupons than the rest of the country. 33% of men and 47% of women use the social media as their primary source of coupons. Eighty seven percent of Smartphone users use QR codes to locate coupons. Sixty four percent of iPhone users print out their coupons. The use of mobile coupons is projected to exceed 1 billion users by 2019. Many universities and colleges offer coupon classes.


Hopefully these interesting facts about coupons gave you a more well-formed perspective of the state of couponing. As you can see, they are flourishing now more than ever and it seems like this upward trend will persist for the future.

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