When to use Southwestern rugs in your home or office?

The home and office are the two most important places where we spend most of our time. In today’s busiest life, nobody has enough time to go out to have some fun with the family. So, in this case, we’re supposed to design our home and office in a way so that we may feel more comfortable and relaxed without having to go for a picnic. There are several important elements that can be added to a home to make it look more comfortable and exciting but designing an office is quite difficult as there are not enough elements available that can be used to bring a comfortable look to the office. An office is a professional place where we’re supposed to look more serious about our responsibilities. So, when it comes to decorating an office, we’re supposed to keep in mind that we are going to meet several official guests in this place. So, we cannot think of adding any stupid stuff in the office. Fortunately, there are several styles and designs of rugs available these days that can help in making your home and office more beautiful and comfortable. In today’s article, we’re only going to talk about the different features of Southwestern rugs to help you determine the areas where you can use these rugs in your home or office. A comfortable view If you want to add a comfortable and decent look to your home or office, you must consider buying a Southwestern rug because these rugs help in making your home or office look more comfortable and unique. You may buy a southwestern rug for your office to place under your working table or you may also choose to use the rug in the area where you sit with your guests in your home or office. The guests would definitely feel more comfortable in such an environment. A wide space If there is enough space available in your living room or office. You may consider using s Southwestern rug as it can help in covering the extra space in a unique way. Most of the times, people consider using a Southwestern rug in their home when there is enough space available between the sofas in their living room. So, you can also cover the extra space by placing a Southwestern rug between the sofas. Making the floor more attractive If your home or office’s floor is quite simple and it doesn’t have any carpet on it, you may consider adding a Southwestern rug to it as it may add more beauty to your floor because these rugs come with several incredible designs and patterns. Here are some other things that can help you understand that when you can use the Southwestern rugs in your home or office.

How to choose the right comforter for your bedroom?

The right type of comforter can help in improving the performance and functionality of your bed. There are different types of luxurious, soft and fluffy comforters available in the stores that can help in providing the best performance at night. When it comes to choosing the right comforter for your bedroom, you should not only be worried about the material that is used in the comforter but you should also take a look at several other elements. There are many different types of comforters available these days and this is what makes it difficult for you to decide that what type of comforter is perfect for your bedroom. Consulting the dealer is not the right option to choose the right comforter because he would only suggest you the options where he may obtain more commission. So, you must only take help from the experts that can suggest you the best comforter for your bedroom with complete honesty. We have taken help from different experts that have provided us several tips that can be extremely useful in choosing the right type of comforter for a bedroom. Here are the helpful tips that can help in choosing the right type of comforter for your home. Choosing the Size and design One of the most important things that you must keep in mind while choosing a comforter is that you must choose the right size and the design. Choosing the size is quite simply because most of the comforters are usually designed according to the standard sizes of the bed. It means that a queen sized comforter would be perfect for a queen sized bed and a king sized comforter would be ideal for a king-sized bed. The same is the case when you’re looking to choose the best down alternative comforters for your bedroom. Choosing the weight Choosing the weight of the comforter is another important option that can help in making a difference. If you live in the cold region, then a heavy comforter would be the better option for you and if you’re living in a sunny area, then a lightweight comforter would work perfectly for you. You may also choose both types of comforters for different seasons or you also choose to add the featherbed to your bed during the winter so that you may enjoy a better sleeping experience. Material The material used in the comforters is the most important factor that helps in providing you a perfect sleeping experience. There are different types of materials used in the production of the comforters. You must consider choosing a comforter that is perfect for your needs. We recommend that you must buy a comforter that has good quality foam used in it instead of any other material. Here are some other important tips to choose the right type of comforter for your bedroom.

The Top Marketing Strategies to Get Your Home Sold in 2018

Do you have mortgage payments that you can no longer afford and you need a fast home selling strategy right now? In today’s bad economy, one in thirteen homeowners is facing foreclosures due to personal financial difficulties brought on by unemployment and rising living expenses. House values are dropping as well and you may actually be paying more than your house is now worth. You may have reached the place where you must choose between selling your home and defaulting on it or selling your home before it drops further in value. But, you wonder how the best marketing strategy to sell your home in today’s sluggish real estate market? Be Bold and Sell Your Home Yourself: Most people who sell homes quick, go beyond the traditional means to succeed. In the past, if you needed to sell your home, you just found a real estate agent or broker, signed a contract and waited for them sell the house. As you know, this can take months or even years while they advertise, handle their other accounts, attempt to ‘stage’ your house for showing and bring through streams of potential buyers to see your house (or NOT!). Plus, if they eventually do sell your home, they receive a chunk of the sale price as a percentage payment for their services. In 2018, you need to use the right marketing strategy to sell your home fast plus keep the total sale price, right? Here are Top Marketing Strategies to Get Your Home Sold in 2018: Sell Your House on eBay – It costs $150 a day to list your home on eBay, but the bites you will get from fishing in this large pond can land the big fish of a serious buyer…even across the country. You never know who may be moving to your area and who is in the market for a home like yours. List your house on nontraditional networks – Online outlets such as,,,, and receive the most traffic from any online sites. Remember, two out of three prospective home buyers begin their property search online. Rent a billboard in your local community – Yes, that’s right…advertise for everyone to see! This strategy may sound a bit whacky, but remember…be bold. Passivity must not be an ingredient in your marketing strategy to sell your home. Your objection to this suggestion may be the cost, but actually, billboards aren’t as expensive as you think. Many times the phone number to call for info is on the billboard itself. Also, you can even go to your local print shop and have matching magnetic signs that say “Buy My House”. Attach them to your vehicles and just see how many people call or walk up to talk to you about your home sale. In other words, blitz your community! Offer buyer incentives – Offer to pay closing costs, prepay taxes, a year of maid service or a year of pool cleaning. Even offer the buyer a…

How to decorate your home on your own?

Everybody loves to decorate their home according to their own style so that they may feel comfortable in the home. The problem with most of the people is that they can’t determine the right type of equipment for their home and they also face a lot of difficulty in choosing the design for their home. The main reason is that home decoration isn’t an easier task and most of the people can’t do it on their own, therefore, they consider hiring the interior designer to find the best design for their home decoration. There is no harm in hiring an expert interior designer but there are some minor changes that can help change the look of your home without the help of an interior designer. In this article, we’re going to discuss the most basic but valuable home designs that can change the look of your entire home by making it look outstanding. If you want to change the look of your home, please follow the tips that we have shared in this article. We bet that after using these techniques you’ll realize an enormous change in your home and even your guests would appreciate the ideas that you’re going to apply after reading these tips. Here are the tips that will help you decorate your home in a professional way. Antiques The use of antiques is very common in the house. Some people buy the antiques for their passion but there are others that like to decorate their home with those antique products. You must also buy the most suitable antique products to use in your home to change the recent look of the home. There are plenty of antique products available nowadays so you can easily choose the best product for your home. Retro furniture The retro furniture can also help improve the overall look of your home. The trend of using retro furniture is growing very fast. So, you must also adopt this idea before it gets enough popular. Usually, people have the retro furniture available in their home. If you also have the retro furniture available in your home, you can get it repaired to make it suitable for the design of your home. However, if you don’t have the retro furniture in your home, you may buy from the market because there are many top merchants that are selling high-quality retro furniture at a very reasonable price. Patterns and texture If you have some extra budget, you may think of applying a new pattern or texture to your walls to change the entire look of your home. You can also think of choosing different patterns and different colors for different rooms. There are plenty of options available so, you won’t face any difficulty while choosing the perfect patterns and textures for your home

5 Warning signs that you may have some electrical problems

The electricity has become the most important part of our life. Can you imagine living without your mobile, laptop or any other electronics that you use regularly? Well, electricity problems can appear as a nightmare for you where you won’t be able to use your gadgets at all. Therefore, you must keep an on the electrical issues before they get worse. The minor electrical problems can sometimes cut off the electricity supply to the entire home if they are not repaired immediately. In this article, we’re going to talk about some most important warning signs that should never be ignored because these signs inform you that there is a problem with the electrical supply and you must get it solved as soon as possible. Sometimes, these problems can increase the risk of fire, therefore, you must never ignore these problems. Here are some warning signs that can help you stay safe from the electrical fires. Sparking or crackling There is nothing to worry about the occasional sparks as they are just normal. However, the large sparks and crackling should not be ignored and you must take an action as soon as possible. Before calling the Perth electrician, you must cut off the electric supply to that room so that you may not have to face any trouble. Hot, scorched outlets The hot spots and scorch marks are a sign that there is some problem with the electric supply and you should shut off the power as soon as possible so the electrician may come and check the entire problem for you. Sometimes, the faulty devices can be the reason behind such problems but they can also be a warning sign of electrical overload or wiring problem. Electrical shocks Receiving a mild shock after touching an appliance is a sign that the safety feature of that appliance is not working properly. You must ask an electrician to check your electrical wiring before the situation gets dangerous. Sometimes, a shock can also be caused due to the static electricity. Such kind of problems usually occurs during the winter. So, before calling the electrician, you must make sure that the electric shock was not as a result of the static electricity. Fluctuating lights The fluctuating lights are also a sign of some electrical problem. If only a single light is fluctuating, there may be some problem with that light but if the lights of different rooms are fluctuating, it is a sign that there is some problem with electrical wiring and you must shut off the electric supply quickly. Frequently tripped circuit breakers The circuit breakers are specially designed to save you from major electrical issues. If these circuit breakers are tripping frequently, it means that there is some problem with the electrical wiring and you must ask the electrician to check the electrical wiring for you.

Whacky Wednesday Design Tips: How to design an electric scooter to match your home

The electric scooter is one of the best inventions of the present times as many people are using these scooters to travel to their school, college, and work every day. Some people use these scooters to have some fun in their home or in a nearby play area. Whether you’re purchasing a scooter for fun or for regular needs, the scooter is going to provide you the amazing benefits. There are different types of scooters available these days that come in different designs with several features. These scooters can help make things easier for you. The manufacturers have been focusing on the demands of their customers and they have made several changes in the designs of electric scooters but there are still some customers that want their scooter to be customized according to their personal needs. The requirements they have cannot be applied to any other client’s scooter, therefore, the manufacturers provide them the facility to get their scooter customized according to their personal preferences. Most of the people, that ask for the customization, usually want their scooter to be designed according to their home’s design. If you’re looking to buy an electric scooter according to your home’s design, you may take a look at the 2018 best electric scooters buyer’s guide because there are plenty of options available. But if you do not find your desired design there don’t worry, because you can ask the manufacturer to customize the scooter according to your home’s design. There are many manufacturers that happily agree to apply the changes according to your needs. Here are a few ideas that can help design your electric scooter according to your home’s design. The Paint You may ask the manufacturer to apply the paint according to your preferences. You may choose to apply the same color on the scooter that your home’s walls have but most of the people choose light colors for their home’s walls which may not look attractive on the scooter. So, you may choose to find a combination of colors for your scooter that may match your home’s walls. The pattern Most of the new homes have patterns designed on the wall instead of the normal paint. You may choose to apply the same pattern on your scooter. The manufacturer can apply these changes according to your needs. You can either show them the sample of the pattern or you can also invite them to come and take a look at your home’s pattern. The speed The speed of the scooter is the main feature that can be reduced according to your home’s design. You may ask the manufacturer to reduce the speed of the scooter according to your home’s design so that your children can easily ride the scooter inside the home without damaging anything expensive.

How to properly put on wallpaper to avoid any wrinkles or rough edges

Wallpaper adds a decorative element in your home no matter what style or look you’re going for. However, the process requires attention to details, especially if you are hanging patterned wallpaper that requires matching at the seams. Here is an all-inclusive guide to hanging your own wallpaper; Prepare the walls Use a large sponge to wash any dust or dirt from the walls. This should be done gently to avoid removing the adhesive. If there is old wallpaper, remove it using the best wallpaper steamer you can find. On top of that, you should remove any chipped paint until you get a smooth surface. Identify your starting point Use a pencil to draw a vertical line on the starting point. This line marks where you will place the first strip of your wallpaper. Ideally, you should start and finish at the corners. The focal point should have the fewest seams.     Cut the wallpaper Lay the first roll on a flat surface. Cut the first wallpaper strip adding a few inches at the top and bottom. Make sure you pay close attention to the pattern. Apply wallpaper paste If the wallpaper is un-pasted, use a large brush to apply a premixed paste starting from the middle to the end. Fold the bottom edge to the middle to keep the paste from drying out. Be careful not to crease the wallpaper. For pre-pasted wallpaper, roll up the first cut and then immerse at room-temperature water.   Hang the wallpaper Carefully unfold the first piece of the wallpaper starting from the ceiling by positioning it against the guide line. Brush it down from top into the junction. Make sure you don’t tear or crease it. Trim and join the next length Use a straight-edge razor or a utility knife to trim the excess wallpaper. Brush it by paying special attention to the edges to avoid any wrinkles. If you identify any crease, make a line with a pencil. Continue brushing the trimmed edges against the baseboard and the ceiling. Use a damp sponge to wipe away any excess paste from the surface of the wallpaper. Paper the side of a window recess The next length of paper should overlap the recess. Use a utility knife to make horizontal cuts before bending the resulting flap into the recess. Trim the paper to fill around the seal, and then brush to remove creases. Align and clean up the seams Match the pattern at eye-level to avoid any misalignment. At the same time, check the seam as you work all the way down. Do not apply too much pressure to avoid creating a shiny seam once the paper dries off. Use a wet sponge to clean the seam points.

Which hardware do you need when installing a sliding door?

Thinking about installing a sliding door in your house? You are probably struggling with how to find the right hardware for it. Luckily, you can choose from several different types and categories of hardware. All you need to do described in our step-by-step guide below.

sliding barn door






















Step #1 Get informed

There are a lot of different hardware options available, and it only depends on you which type of hardware you will purchase for your sliding door. If you want to get a customized option, you can choose individual components and arrange them into a kit. That way you will get exactly what you need, but it may end up a little too expensive (if you’re worried about the budget). On the flip side, you can purchase a hardware kit which contains the essential components (guides, screws, handles, pulls, etc.) you can install on your sliding door. The most popular kit is the flat track, but you can choose between several other styles as well. If you are working with heavy duty, you might want to use box rail kit which comes with it. For a touch of creativity and elegance, you can choose between architectural or industrial series kits.

Step #2 Measure

After you collect all the information about sliding door hardware, you might want to measure the opening height and width. That way you will get the precise data that will help you decide which hardware do you need for installing sliding door.

Step #3 Select door material

Door material can also affect the type of hardware you need when installing sliding door in your house. There are usually three types of material used with sliding door: glass, wood, and metal. If you’re thinking about a metal door, for example, you need a hardware that can handle the weight and the pressure. That means you will choose kits that are designed to handle the heavy duty. On the other hand, a regular wood door needs reliable hardware that can be made of stainless steel, which will give it a nice touch.

sliding barn door hardware


Step #4 Compare hardware

Since there are different manufacturers and retailers of sliding door hardware, the smart thing to do before purchasing a hardware kit is a comparison. You can do that online (type “sliding door hardware” on Amazon page or directly on Google) or you can go to your local hardware shop and compare on spot. If you’re doing an online search, set up the criteria for comparison, such as price, material, durability, design, etc. and compare different kits based on that. Otherwise, going in a local hardware shop can give you an advantage of having a professional help on the spot. Just ask the shop clerk anything you need to know before you make your final decision.

Step #5 Select the kit for you

After you’ve gone through all the previous steps, you’re ready to select a hardware kit for your door. Just follow the guidelines and recommendations you got from professionals and you won’t end up short. Remember to choose a hardware that is reliable and durable first, and then look for different styles and design.


Everyone wants a clean beautiful carpet, but keeping your carpet clean can really be challenging at times.  Having a large apartment with beautiful carpet is good, but if you don’t know how to go about the cleaning, you might just realize in a short time that the carpet is looking smutty. There are professionals out there you can hire to clean your carpet for you but why hiring a cleaning professional when you can do it yourself if you learn it. Learning the ways to clean your carpet is pretty easy. So here are the best ways to clean your carpet without hiring a professional like Vancouver carpet cleaning.   Keeping your carpets clean on a regular basis can be a challenge, especially in high traffic areas. You may wonder if it’s possible to clean your carpet without paying out money to a carpet cleaner. One option is to vacuum the carpet regularly to keep it clean. You can also use household products to clean the carpet, a cheaper and more natural approach to carpet cleaning. The first thing you need to do is;   Remove Stain   I will advise that stains should be removed instantly as they stained made. This is too aid easy removal before the stain dry’s up. If the stain dry’s up, it will be difficult to remove. Cleaning up the liquid with a little fabric, but be careful not to allow the stain sink deep into the carpet. However, you can also apply Water to just get the soft cleaning. Do not scrub the carpet since these will damper water.   Blot Stain with club soda at the exact end.   Club soda can really clean off stained carpet. First of all, put a little of the club soda in a fabric and damp the area that is affect with it until the stain is totally removed. Do your best to make sure that you do not scrub the area; these might actually spoil the fibers in the carpet. So be careful not to ruin your carpet with the soda.   Think Of Applying Milk And A Cornstarch Paste   Some stains can really be tough to clean off, I mean really tough. Imagine you stained your carpet with pen ink. Trying to clean it with water will not work, so try making a mixture of cornstarch and milk in form of a paste and then small quantity and apply it on the stained area. After applying this paste on the stained area, use a brush to slowly brush the area in question till the stain totally leaves. The paste is supposed to remove the stain gradually and at the end you should see a stain free carpet.       Think Of Eliminating the Odor   Using a combination of vinegar and water do a great work in removing odor. However, be sure to use white vinegar so as not to stain your carpet.   Cleaning off the stains on your carpet can…

How To Prevent Flood Damage Effectively

Flooding can occur almost anytime and anywhere and without any prior notice. Flash flooding in particular could wreak havoc and apart from being common it also could lead to huge loss of properties and perhaps even lives. In fact it would be pertinent to mention here that each and every state of the country is at risk of different types of floods. Ignoring the risk of flooding could lead to your house becoming slushy and it may not be long before it becomes smelly. You could have expensive furniture getting damaged and your carpet could be totally wet and you could see large scale damages to your lighting, electrical & electronic appliances and various other household appliances. In short it could turn your normal life topsy-turvy. You can be reasonably sure that your home will get infected with molds, mildew and other microorganisms. How To Overcome The Problem While being proactive in flood damage control is the best way forward, it may not be possible always. Therefore, a better option would be to hire suitable Flood Damage Fort Lauderdale professional so that they could help overcome the problem should it actually happen. There are many reasons in which these professionals could help. 1. They Can Help Prevent Electrical Shocks One of the biggest risks associated sudden flooding is electrical accidents and mishaps. Hence when you avail the services of professional flood damage experts, they will ensure that this problem is taken care of. They will ensure that the best possible emergency steps are taken, by switching off main power supply. Further they will take steps to ensure that the future problems are taken care of. They could advise installation of circuit breakers, and also help in raising switches and wiring to a decent height. 2. They Will Help With Outdoor Equipment Whenever there is a prior warning about impending floods hitting a certain place, hiring these professionals beforehand could make a big difference. They could help in preventing widespread damage to air conditioning units, fuel tanks, and generators which in most cases would be located outside the home. As a homeowner, you could also be proactive by ensuring that these equipments are installed in a raised platform. 3. Hiring Them Early Will Certainly Make A Big Difference When you hire these professionals well in advance you can be sure that they will be able to find a way by which the water can be directed away from your house. They will be able to do it professionally and without disturbing the water flow of neighboring houses or without violating the local municipality rules and regulations. 4. They Can Offer Preemptive Solutions One of the main reasons why it makes sense to hire these professionals is because they can offer preemptive solutions, rather than being reactive. They will help to put in place methods and practices which will help you to be sure that you will be able to tide over the crisis without too much of a problem. Yes, it…

Design Week: Chicago Interior Design Experts Unleashed

Every year, the best and brightest in the design business get together in Chicago to put on one of the greatest design shows in the world.  ARoomSomehwere is there with the top 3 designers found at the event. Paula Calligary – Using inspiration drawn from modern and art deco styles, Paula has been well known for such pieces like her Fuzzy Chair with Grapes piece seen in the Louvre.  At the design expo she showcased her newest piece – ‘Design by Jacob’, an experimental political interior design piece meant to emulate the look of one of Mao’s old Chinese temples. Marshall Erb – Inspired by colonial design, Erb seemingly gets his inspiration from a multitude of factors including that of an era past.  Diving into antique pastel finishes in his portfolio at the expo, Erb managed to show off his lighter side and maintain prowess as he and his team of Chicago interior designers took the stage and stole limelight at the show. Richard Dougan – Dougan Interiors has been a world famous name in interior decorating for a long time now, and everyone seems to think that there is no stopping the design giant.  He showed off his latest interior which contrasted bright blue tones with mute yellow upholstered furniture.  The end result was breathtaking. For more on Chicago Interior design expo watch this video from last years event.