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Advantages of wearing water proof boots

Water proof boots as the name implies are a water-resistant boots. The boot design consists of a high side with a hard rubber sole to keep water out. The hard sole is also used to prevent abrasions and cuts when walking in wet rocky environment. The boot versatility makes it possible to use in, muddy and snowy, slushy situations. There are few brands that are considered to be some of the best waterproof work boots.

The following are 7 advantages or wearing waterproof boots:

 The help in keeping your feet dry and warm

Long exposure of your feet to wet conditions predisposes you to certain health risks like trench foot. Trench foot causes your feet to become numb, cold, swollen, painful and discolored. Trench foot is medically treatable, but wearing water proof boots helps keep this condition at bay.

 Hygiene and cleanliness

Walking in flood water without water proof boots exposes you to environmental contaminants such animal waste, pesticides, discharged  raw sewage, toxic substances and high bacteria counts. Medical research has found out that health problems like flu, intestinal infection; headache is linked to prolonged exposure of feet to flood water. Thus wearing water resistant boots in flood water minimizes or eliminates exposure to contaminated floodwater.

Walking through garbage/debris

When walking through debris while cleaning up the environment water proof boots come in handy. The debris may cause injury to your feet which can become infected. Sneakers or leather shoes don’t offer protection against such hazards. Steel-toed water proof boots offer the best protection when working in such environment.

 Slip resistance

When walking on wet ground using ordinary boots one may slip and fall. This can lead to foot fracture and in worst cases spinal injury. Water proof boots provide maximum traction on wet ground hence are slip resistance. This is because the rubber sole has grooves that provide slip resistance. The secure firm grip on the ground the boots provide aids when walking on uneven or slippery surfaces.

 Resistance to solvents and chemicals

Toxic chemical spill brought about by high winds, accidents and floods will expose you to risks when walking in such environment. The rubber sole of water proof boots has a high degree of resistance to chemicals. Having a pair of water proof boots in your emergency alert kit makes you to be prepared to react safely in case such disasters occur

Electric shock protection

Flooding and other extreme weather conditions bring down power lines.Downed power lines pose a serious threat when stepped upon accidentally. The rubber sole of water proof boots is anti static. This means they are non-conductors of electric current. This helps in preventing electric shock.


The rubber sole of water proof boots are made of material that is shock absorbing and lightweight. This provides ankle support apart from shock absorbing. They also have breathable waterproof membranes in the lining. Other boots made from all leather are less breathable. The lightweight material provides good support for brisk walking. This enables one to walk for long distances without causing pain and discomfort.


Whether you are working on a construction site or in an office  having a pair of waterproof boots is an asset. They are easy to wear and have comfortable design. They are a must have in flood situations. As long as you put all the above factors into consideration, there is no doubt that you will get the perfect water proof boot that will suit your  needs.

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