Antique Bed Inspiration

Along with the armoire we inherited from my husband’s mother’s family, comes a matching half-tester (TEE-ster) bed. It is quite large and substantial, just like its matching armoire friend. I don’t think I’ll be refinishing it, it’s much more likely to have the original stain (and it’s rumored in the family to be circa 1790 something). Ever since I heard that the bed was to be ours, I’ve been wracking my brain for ideas for how to dress it in a not-so-fussy-slash-traditional way. I envision it very clean and crisp, with neutral bedding to play off the warmth of the brown wood. These beds in Martha Stewart’s magazine last year helped my daydreams tremendously.
Mine is a half-tester not a four-poster like these below. In fact, it looks a lot like this. So these aren’t quite the same, but nevertheless, very exciting to me!

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