Downtown Abbey

Truth be told, my husband and I spent most of our weekend watching season one of the fabulous Masterpiece Classic Series, Downton Abbey. It was at his request that we watch the first episode on Netflix, and we were majorly hooked from there on out. We are now officially caught up and enjoyed season 2, episode 2 last night. I’m enjoying the drama, the laughs, and the characters so much, but there is definitely something to be said for the elegance of the Edwardian age, which is so handsomely portrayed in each scene. I suppose it inspired my weekend in other ways, too. I felt the need to wear my hair up and don some elegant shoes.
Have you watched yet?
outfit mashup here


I found this passive-aggressive bookplate in an antique book (1909) in my favorite shop on Saturday. I love it.
Sunday shoes . . .
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