My House Tour Part 3

Above is a before picture of the boys’ room. It’s a really great size, and since we downsized, we lost the “playroom,” so all of the toys, books and craft supplies will be going in this bedroom. So we’re glad it’s big. My kids pretty much draw, color, cut and paste in all of their free time, and the kitchen table is just not equipped for their stuff anymore. So the opposite corner holds a Land of Nod table and chair set, and soon some storage for craft supplies.

This room didn’t need much besides new carpet, paint and a lighting fixture. The carpet had a horrible odor, and once it was removed, we realized that even the cement slab underneath this room had pet stains. I scrubbed with bleach and water, they laid down new plush carpet, and it’s as good as new. We also installed new window coverings and drapes.

I’ve always dreamed of having a kids’ library, and this is as good as it gets so far. Two Ikea Expedit bookshelves stacked on top of one another (we had the lower one in the last house), anchored to the wall, and filled with every children’s book in the house. Except all of my daughter’s chapter books. And all of the board books I’m still hanging on to. We just had to have that guitar artwork for our little musician (who insisted on being in every photo).

The door behind Miles is the closet and there is a bathroom just to the right of the white dresser. It connects to my daughter, Audrey’s room. Drapes and bedding are from PB Teen.

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