the time has come . . .

For a few months now, I've been thinking about unplugging my life, to some extent. I'm sure you can relate to the ever-present online "world," and the more I think about it, the less I want to live there! My heart is here at home with my family, and lately it has become really attractive to pare down and zero in on where my true happiness lies. I want to be a better example to my children, and, overall, I just want to feel more present. In short, I've decided not to blog here anymore. I've been blogging here for almost six years, and it just feels like the time has come to do something else. I used to love the idea of blogging, but with the advent of Pinterest, Instagram, and with the continuation of my family blog, I feel like A Room Somewhere has become superfluous. I have always thought that life is better when it is smaller and simpler, and I have just found better ways to spend my time and be productive. Or maybe I've just rediscovered them.

I never wanted my blog to be anything more than a collection of things that I love. I was not interested in blogging as a career, but as an expression. It has been so fun to connect with readers over the past few years, but I feel that connection has been lost in many ways. (Maybe it's because of Google Reader!) I can't say that I'll never post here again, but for now, I'm moving on. I'm a little sad, but mostly, I feel really good about this decision!

Thank you so much for reading, I have loved "meeting" new friends all over the world. You can find me on InstagramPinterest, Mormon.org, and once in a blue moon, on Twitter. I'll leave the blog intact, and will still be reachable via email, of course! flowerchain@gmail.com


outfit inspiration

I'm loving these two looks from Nordstrom. Our winter is turning out to be quite spring-like, especially compared to last year. Maybe February will bring icier temps, but for now, I'm tempted to dress like this.


Downton Abbey

Truth be told, my husband and I spent most of our weekend watching season one of the fabulous Masterpiece Classic Series, Downton Abbey. It was at his request that we watch the first episode on Netflix, and we were majorly hooked from there on out. We are now officially caught up and enjoyed season 2, episode 2 last night. I'm enjoying the drama, the laughs, and the characters so much, but there is definitely something to be said for the elegance of the Edwardian age, which is so handsomely portrayed in each scene. I suppose it inspired my weekend in other ways, too. I felt the need to wear my hair up and don some elegant shoes.
Have you watched yet?

outfit mashup here

I found this passive-aggressive bookplate in an antique book (1909) in my favorite shop on Saturday. I love it.

Sunday shoes . . .


Song for a Friday

A fun little song, a few years old, but new to me. From Blind Pilot. Have a great weekend everyone!

Blind Pilot "Go On, Say It" from Team G on Vimeo.



I'm loving the patina of these pieces from Kim Dulaney's shop, Fortune. Brass is just about my favorite jewelry medium these days . . . 



Aren't these paper decor items from Eclu so beautiful? I love this look . . .



It feels like England in these parts today, gray and drizzly, and it's making me wish we were back there. My sister was planning to bike around Blenheim Palace yesterday with her husband, I wonder if they had rain or if they were able to go . . .

spotted this photo on Wit + Delight


Song for a Friday

I'm loving the sound of local (Fort Worth) band, Calhoun. Check them out, and have a great weekend everyone! I hope you're enjoying a mild January like we are, it's gorgeous outside.


What I Wore Wednesday

Seems like I only post church outfits these days, but that's the only day I remember to snap a photo anymore! I thought this looked like a nice, sort of icy, winter outfit. The skirt is a cool stiff, silver shimmer fabric that holds the pleats so nicely. A great find at Talbots. Cardigan: Nordstrom Rack
Chiffon neck tee: Old Navy
Shoes: Macy's


Ruby + Stella Home

I purchased some pillow covers from Ruby + Stella a few years ago and have loved the punch of pattern and color they add to my front room. When I heard that Ruby + Stella now had linen bedding, I was so excited! All of my bedding (with the exception of my sheets) is linen, and I have a major linen addiction. Ruby + Stella's designs are right up my alley. Check them out, they offer five collections! (Olive is my favorite one!)